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How Changes to Zoning and Land Use Laws Can Impact Land Development Projects

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Zoning and Land Use

Illinois zoning and land use attorneysWhen it comes to zoning and land use laws, developers need to consider more than just the present situation. Unexpected or unplanned changes can occur - sometimes to the detriment of your project. Learn more about how changes in zoning and land use laws may impact your current or prospective land development project, and discover how our seasoned Naperville commercial real estate attorneys can help you mitigate against such issues.

When Zoning and Land Use Laws Change

Municipalities tend to have a long-term vision for the way they want their town or city developed. Typically based on a variety of factors, such as land or wildlife preservation; values, needs, and desires of the community; and earning or tourist potential, this vision is usually outlined far in advance. Of course, things change. Perhaps the population ages or the town experiences a significant and unexpected influx of young people or successful entrepreneurs. Maybe the area starts to flood or suffer from erosion, or an indigenous species become endangered. Regardless of the reason, the city must then attempt to accommodate the change. That may require alterations to their plan, or even to zoning and land use laws.

How Zoning and Land Use Law Changes Can Impact Your Development Project

Land development projects - be they commercial or residential - tend to take years to complete. If zoning or land use laws change while a project is in the development stage, the project may become stalled. In some situations, it may even jeopardize the completion of your project. Thankfully, there are methods that land developers can use in such situations. There may be conditional uses that one can utilize, or it may be possible to receive an exemption or have the area rezoned. Still, it is far better to anticipate such changes than encounter an issue along the way. This is where a seasoned commercial real estate lawyer becomes a valuable asset.

Due Diligence and Zoning Law ChangesĀ 

While one cannot anticipate every potential change to an area, it may be possible to predict at least some of the future issues through due diligence. Lindell & Tessitore, P.C. can assist with this process. Seasoned and experienced, our Naperville commercial real estate lawyers can look for clues that may indicate a possible change to the zoning laws. We can also help you work around recent changes that are endangering a current project. Schedule a personalized consultation with our offices by calling 630-778-3818 today.




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