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Strategies That Could Drastically Improve the Outcome of Your Commercial Project

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Zoning and Land Use

Naperville commercial real estate attorneysEvery investor has been there: they find that “perfect location,” a place where they know all of their dreams and ideas will flourish. It is ripe with promise and possibility and may even have nearby businesses, retail chains, communities, or other appealing attractions nearby. Then they notice the sparse development. An inexperienced investor might wonder why, but you immediately know the answer: zoning problems. Thankfully, you also know that there are ways to win the battle. The following strategies can help you along the way and may even improve the outcome of your commercial land development project.

Know the Why Behind Zoning Restrictions

Restrictions on zoning, expansion, and land use can be in place for any number of reasons. Maybe the city or county intentionally restricted it to preserve an endangered species. Alternatively, they may know it is a prime location and are simply trying to retain a position of power while they wait for the “right” project to come along. However, the most likely scenario is that the land is restricted through outdated zoning laws, ones that could be challenged or changed with the right approach. Whatever the case, get to know why certain zoning restrictions are in place. This can help you determine whether or not the fight is truly worth the effort and investment.

Do Your Homework (and Due Diligence)

If you have determined that you are willing to move forward, despite the potential zoning issues, you will need to take some time to really understand what projects have tried to take off in the area, and which have failed. This can help you to better determine where you might stand on a particular development project. Further, doing your due diligence now can ensure you can still walk away, should it turn out that your project idea has already been attempted and failed.

Of course, it is always important to keep in mind that a failure on a similar project does not always translate into a failure on your project. There is always the possibility that the former developer/investor failed to follow through with certain aspects of their project. Maybe they tried to rush in without taking the proper steps, or maybe they failed at garnering community support because they were too busy moving on to their next big project. Weigh your options (and your potential for success) with an experienced commercial real estate attorney.

Contact a Skilled Naperville Commercial Real Estate Attorney Today

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a zoning issue on a potential investment, or experiencing troubles right in the middle of a project, our Naperville commercial real estate attorneys can help. At Lindell & Tessitore, P.C., we have an intimate understanding of zoning ordinances, and we take a personalized approach with every client to ensure your project is handled with the attentiveness and professionalism it deserves. Learn more by scheduling an initial consultation with us today. Call 630-778-3818.





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