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Overcoming Zoning Issues Can be an Arduous Task, Especially for Smaller Businesses

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Commercial Real Estate

Naperville zoning and land use lawyersWhen renting or purchasing commercial property, there are many factors to consider. Will there be enough space? Are there renovations to be made? Is there a need or interest in the space or business? Of course, none of these issues matter if you cannot obtain the appropriate permits. For many, this comes down to whether it will be possible to overcome any zoning and land use issues. A complex and arduous task - particularly for small businesses - these matters can cost you time, money, and often result in added stress. The following explains further.

Small Businesses Are Especially at Risk While any landowner, business owner, or investor may be at risk for financial loss in the face of a land use or zoning issue, small business owners often experience the highest level of risk. This is because most do not have a reserve for handling expensive repairs or modifications. They may even experience unexpected issues while trying to obtain zoning or land use permits. If the cost is prohibitive enough, they may go under completely. For this reason, it is absolutely critical that small business owners seek guidance and assistance before a lease or purchase agreement is signed.

Avoid Common Zoning and Land Use Issues with Due Diligence Due diligence - the process of screening a potential property, business, or establishment prior to purchase or rental - can go a long way in helping you avoid common zoning and land use issues. Unfortunately, this process is complex, in and of itself, and failure to notice even the smallest detail can put your company, business, or investment at risk. A lawyer can help you navigate the process, from beginning to end.

Obtaining Special Licensing and Permits In a perfect world, business owners and investors would be able to always find a building or plot that suits their needs. Unfortunately, this is not always plausible, and not necessarily because they have failed to practice due diligence. Sometimes, the place they need is simply out of their price range, or does not exist in the location of their choosing. In situations such as those previously mentioned, it may be possible to obtain special licensing or permits for zoning or land use. The process is extremely difficult to navigate, however, and it is full of potential pitfalls. As such, any business owner, investor, or landowner should seek assistance from an experienced attorney for any zoning or land use issues.

Contact Our Naperville Zoning and Land Use Lawyers If you need assistance with due diligence, a purchase agreement, or zoning and land use issues, Lindell & Tessitore, P.C. is the law firm to remember. Dedicated and experienced, we have the skills and knowledge needed to help you effectively navigate the zoning, land use, and due diligence processes. We protect your company's interest, every step of the way. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with our Naperville zoning and land use attorneys today.




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