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Naperville CRE attorneyMost everyone knows what it feels like to plan something and set expectations on the outcome, only to encounter an obstacle along the way. Almost immediately, the bottleneck increases stress levels - because, as everyone knows, complications lead to delays and less than optimal results.

In the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, the space in which these losses occur in are known as “expectations gaps.” For the commercial investor and their team, the consequences of a gap can be dire, resulting in lengthy delays and lost income. Learn more about what causes these gaps, and how your firm can overcome them, in the following sections.

CRE Lawyers and CRE Investors - Results vs Expectations 


Oak Brook commercial real estate attorneysWith widespread mall closures for retailers like Nordstrom, JC Penny, and Macy's, commercial real estate owners are scrambling to fill space. Two major mall franchises have announced plans to add CBD shops to their list of retailers. Learn more about this interesting development in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, and how it could impact your bottom line.

Mall Franchises Partner with Major CBD Retailer

Two mall franchises, Simon Property Group and Brookfield Properties, recently announced their plans to partner with the major CBD retailer, Green Growth Brands. More than 200 CBD shops will be opened in malls across the country over the next year. With a strong growth history and high-quality products, the CBD company is expected to flourish inside of malls.


Oak Brook commercial real estate lawyersAlthough there are many aspects that go into determining a commercial real estate investor's overall return on investment (ROI), the valuation of each property is one of the cornerstones. What do you need to know about property valuation to improve your overall ROI in commercial real estate (CRE), and how can a seasoned real estate lawyer help? The following explains.

There is More Than One Way to Valuate a Property 

Property valuations are not as cut and dry as some might like you to believe. Instead, there are multiple approaches that one can use to determine what their final ROI on a property might be.


5 Responsibilities of a Commercial Real Estate Landlord

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Naperville commercial real estate lawyerWhile it is true that you can boost your income and perhaps even build a nest egg with commercial real estate (CRE) investing, those who are not equipped to handle the process risk significant financial loss. First, there is the risk of a failed return on investment - an issue that can often be mitigated using seasoned legal assistance during each step of the transaction process. Then there is the chance that you may be sued if you fail to meet your legal obligations as a landlord. What are these obligations, and how can an attorney help you meet them? Continue reading to learn more.

1. CRE Landlords Are Required to Adhere to All Local and Federal Laws

All landlords are required to follow certain local and federal laws. Commercial landlords are no exception. You cannot discriminate based upon certain criteria (race, religion, etc.). Furthermore, you must adhere to all building codes and zoning laws. Failure to meet any one of these obligations can result in serious consequences, including (but not limited to) legal recourse.


Oak Brook commercial real estate lawyersAlthough the big debate over global warming has made headlines in recent years, the scientific consensus is overwhelming: the planet is getting warmer, and it is happening at an alarming rate. This information, paired with the growth of the “green movement,” has increased the demand for eco-friendly applications in almost every industry. Commercial real estate (CRE) is no exception.

What does it mean to “go green” in the CRE industry, and how can you ensure that you get ahead of this trend? More importantly, how can you increase the chances that your green efforts will be profitable for your real estate company? Learn more in the following sections, including how the assistance of a seasoned CRE attorney can boost your profitability in the green CRE sector.

1. The “Green” Trend is Here to Stay

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